Nick Preneta

Northport, Michigan

Created in 2018

Material:  Cedar

“My work as an artist focuses on change. The medium I use to express this is wood. Wood has the characteristic of being able to expand and contract as the moisture in the environment changes. This expansion and contraction can cause wood to warp and create cracks in its surface, resulting in some very interesting forms.


In this piece it is not my intention that the wood will change in appearance as I mentioned above. What I think will change is how the viewer perceives the piece as the surrounding environment changes throughout the seasons. The piece will be a stark contrast from the natural forms around it, however it will also be a part of its immediate environment therefore it will change as its environment changes."

Approximate dimensions and weight:

42” x 42” x 16”

70 pounds


For further information about the purchase of this sculpture, please contact us.