John Goss

Williamsburg, Michigan

Created in 2013

Material: stainless steel

John Goss is a nationally recognized sculptor, specializing in realistic wildlife sculptures created through the use of recycled metals. John is a full time artist operating out of his Northern Michigan studio. His work is displayed at public and private locations throughout the United States.  He has created a stainless steel, seven foot tall sand bucket with two six foot tall shovels on the beach of Lake Michigan in the Walk of Art.  John’s vision is to create a sculpture that connects the creative youth in all. 

Goss states that he is “trying to make something that is fun and connects with everybody’s foundation of creativity from their youth.”

Approximate dimensions and weight:

Pail: 7’ tall, 10’ long

Shovels:  6’ tall, 3’ wide

400 pounds


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