Mark Warwick

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

Created in 2001

Material:  welded and formed steel, sandblasted, paint and chemical patina

“Steel can transform – from a liquid to a solid, a solid to a liquid. The sheets of steel used in this work are welded together to form shapes that merge and twist to invoke a connection between people and landscape. The viewer senses the figurative form but is also reminded of the similarity to the natural landscape surrounding them. The connection is one of reliance – one without the other evokes loneliness. But when people inhabit these spaces, they give it meaning.

Rust, whether chemically applied or appearing naturally, conjures up the sense of age – the passage of time. As the steel rusts it changes color and is another reminder of the transformative nature of the material. Steel ages as we do. I have an affinity with steel – it contains iron, and iron is also contained within our life-giving blood.

We are all impacted by our surroundings, and in turn we leave our mark on it. As people come and go, memories remain. It is said that you can the person out of a place, but you can’t take the place out of the person.  People and places are forever linked. “


Approximate dimensions and weight:

12’ x 15’10”

2000 pounds


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