Scott Froschauer

Sun Valley, California

Created in 2019

Materials: DOT Specification Street Sign made from Aluminum and Engineering Grade Vinyl

“How does one express humanity? I think it’s pretty complicated. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes less so. I don’t always know what a particular piece means and I love to discover new perspectives in conversations with viewers.

I ran into a city worker who was maintaining the landscaping around one of my street signs. He asked what the sign was supposed to mean. Of course I asked him what he thought it meant. After several minutes of explaining his search for the official meaning of this, very unofficial, sign, he finally said that he was really sure what it was supposed to mean but it made him feel something, something he wasn’t quite sure of… Something that felt like hope.”

Please visit the artist’s website: http://scottfroschauer.com/

Approximate dimensions and weight:

24” wide x 99” high x 3.5” deep


For further information about the purchase of this sculpture, please contact us.