Wendel Heers and Scott Lankton

Ann Arbor and Cedar, Michigan

Created in 2015
Material: stone and wrought iron

This piece was the last ever created by Wendel Heers before he died, and it was fabricated specifically for the Walk of Art.  Heers was Professor emeritus and interim dean of the art school at the University of Michigan.  Scott Lankton was the fabricator of this piece.  For more information about Heers’s life and legacy, please click here.

Garden Piece represents the natural world and the antiquity of stone.  It is assembled with forged steel, fastened with epoxy and couplings.

Other public art exhibits that feature works by Heers include Providence Hospital in Novi, Michigan; Methodist Hospital, Waltham, Massachusetts; the University of Michigan Hospital and Mott Cardiovascular Center; and the Mary Eagan Memorial Garden.

The stone base was provided and installed by Pine Hill Nursery.

Heers and Lankton also collaborated on For Wendel Heers; both works were installed in 2016.

Approximate dimensions and weight:

4' high, 2' wide

1200 pounds, including rock base


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