Steven Cannaert

Pinckney, Michigan

Created in 2015
Material: steel

Cannaert writes that Dark Matter is “the negative of a previous sculpture, Bird.  I have been playing with the contrast of dull rusty steel and bright and shiny stainless."  It is constructed by cutting and welding the elements together.

"I have always been drawn to creating things for as long as I remember.  A lot of times the things I made didn't really make sense but I still enjoyed it. I have been working with metal professionally for over 20 years in one way or another, tight tolerances and construction rules start to feel very confining.  Creating sculptures is the perfect outlet, you get to make something completely useless on a utilitarian level with no restrictions on the final outcome.  I try to find existing shapes, man made, created by nature or both that cause a emotional response whether it be positive or negative."

Cannaert also has works in public exhibits in Petoskey, Brighton, Port Huron, and Detroit, Michigan.

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Approximate dimensions:

7’ tall, 3’ wide

200 pounds


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