Andrew Kline

Cedar Springs, Michigan

Created in 2016

Material: steel

“I’m not a conceptual artist. There are no lofty ideas behind any of my work. I welcome the viewer to make their own decisions and their own words. I would much rather raise questions than give answers. I’m an object maker. I make objects for the simple fact that it’s a challenge to make something which is pleasing to my eye. I use materials which intrigue me – mostly industrial forms such as concrete, rebar, I-beams, and lately, wood. These materials are created by industry to be strong and true. I get much pleasure from manipulating these materials - I find it empowering. I want to make these heavy materials light. I want to give these static materials movement. I’m constantly striving for a way to give these materials life. Tension can be found throughout my sculptures, whether they are made from steel or wood. Some have the illusion that they are hanging on by a thread, ready to snap and fall apart at any moment – though they are solid and sturdy. Some have the illusion they are ready to implode upon themselves, crushing under their own weight. Most of my sculptures are made without any preliminary vision or inspiration. They are a physical record of process. My work is born from intimate dialog between the materials and myself. Although I make decisions along the way regarding balance, symmetry and rhythm, sometimes I feel as though I am merely along for the ride. “

Andrew Kline studied sculpture at both Michigan State University and Western Michigan University. Kline’s body of work began to develop at Western Michigan University while studying under professor Al LaVergne. It’s because of this relationship with LaVergne that Kline decided to pursue a career in sculpture. Kline is an award-winning artist who has shown his work across the Midwest including throughout Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. He’s also shown his work in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Indiana University. His work can be found in private and public collections. Kline has been employed at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park since 2010.

Approximate dimensions and weight:

8' high x 5' wide x 5’ deep

125 pounds


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