David Petrakovitz

Cadillac, Michigan

Created in 2010
Material: powder-coated steel

Of his work, Petrakovitz writes that Blue Sculpture with Yellow Ring comprises “intersecting forms that incorporate negative and positive tentin and balance in conjunction with [its] surrounding environment."  It is constructed by welding and hammering the elements together with a powder-coated finish.

Petrakovitz also has works in public exhibits at the Michigan Legacy Art Park, Fuerst Park in Novi, and in Chelsea, Michigan.

He writes, “Growing up in Detroit I developed an interest in early industrial forms and have tried to humanize the technology in our lives by making sculptures suggestive of industrybut softened withfigurative gestures.


“I have been producing art works for the past thirty plus years from a variety of materials; clay, wood, stone, bronzeandsteel. Some of my pieces have been functional in nature such as ceramic vessels and furniture. My main focus recently has been on fabricating objects of cut and hammered sheet steel or bronze, then welded into three-dimensional forms. I frequently combine forms of different materials for variety and impact. Sometimes these forms are found objects like old wheels and plow disks that already have my favorite patina…rust.  

“Although I do cast some pieces in bronze and finish them with traditional patinas, the steel pieces are either encouraged to oxidize or painted with acrylics and sealed with a urethane finish.”

Petrakovitz studied at Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies.

Approximate dimensions:

85” high, 41” wide

200 pounds


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