Ann Gildner

Cheboygan, Michigan

Created in 2013
Material: Steel and granite

Ann Gildner is artist-in-residence at the Iron One Studio in Cheboygan, MI, where the independent artists who are its members design, work and collaborate in making metal artwork. She maintains the space as a welcoming, safe, clean iron studio to create in. Ann has been an instructor at Cheboygan's Industrial Arts Institute in Onaway since January 2014, teaching high-school-level metallurgy and welding, a youth outreach program in welding, and courses in ornamental metal work. She has also owned Gildner Gallery-Coop Floral Shop in Cheboygan since 1985. Ann earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in ceramics from Siena Heights University in 1981.  Her work is featured in several other northern Michigan exhibits.

"Becca Triumphs" is, in a way, autobiographical -- an expression of her victory in breaking free from the breast cancer that once bound her.  She writes, "Becca is a person going through a difficult time in life.  Then, she is released from the restraints and triumphs!"  Becca's body was cast in plaster, with steel circles attached to it - then solid steel stock is added, welding, bending and forging them into shape.

 Approximate dimensions:

10' high, 6' wide

900 pounds


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