Ritch Branstrom

Rapid River, Michigan

Created in 2017

Material: Mixed/Found objects

Growing up on the west side of Detroit, the son of a diesel mechanic and the youngest of four boys, a young Ritch Branstrom observed in awe and wonder the things happening around him. Having older brothers something was always happening in the garage. From an early age motorcycles and cars were fascinating. In his early teens he started making contraptions. Watching his father totally reconstruct the sheet metal on the bottom of a van showed him that with a little bit of scrap metal and patience one could create almost anything. So as soon as he was able, he was cutting up cars and trucks and adding the pieces back together, or making 4‐wheel‐drive vehicles out of old cars. One day he realized that the pieces left over from those projects resembled parts of creatures or fish or even motorcycles. And from there his imagination and his art took flight.  Branstrom writes, "I'm inspired by the environment in which I live.  My work speaks the vernacular of the land."

Approximate dimensions and weight:

6’ wide, 10’ tall, 4’ deep

400 pounds

Not for sale - on loan from Nancy Baker

For further information about this sculpture, please contact us.