Michael Angelo Magnotta

East Lansing, Michigan
Material: steel and stainless steel

Created in 2016

"I enjoy referencing things that are familiar and meaningful to people in my sculpture, e.g., the moon, space, music, dance, mankind, flora and fauna; in this case, the human heart, an organ, but also a symbol used in poetry, music, and art, is my subject.  Everyone has experienced the pain or 'heartbreak' of loss in their life. This piece, Mending Heart, gives hope and speaks to the healing that takes place following loss."  

"My journey in the arts began some 30 years ago in photography -  B&W, Kodachrome,  35 mm, 3x5 format, SX 70, etc.  I loved the medium but wanted more texture, size, and input.  Architectural studies in the New School of San Diego broadened my artistic horizons - materials, space, shape, form, design, construction. The imaginative use of these constructs, as exemplified by architects I admired, inspired me.  The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi,  beauty in the imperfect, the worn, informed me.  In what felt like a natural progression, an outgrowth of interests and skills, I began welding in 2008.  Long infatuated by this process, the first glimpse through the lens of a welder’s helmet of metal fusing together brought a thrill unsurpassed."


"My sculptures begin with a visit to the metal yard.  From rusting piles of industrial detritus I carefully cull the shapes and forms which speak to me, giving those chosen a respite in my studio, where, slowly, those shapes are reborn, bringing new life to old iron.”

Magnotta is married and has three daughters and four grandchildren. He received a B.A. at Michigan State University and an M.A. at University of Detroit; studied architecture at New School of Architecture in San Diego; welding at Lansing Community College.  He loves to travel, read, listen to jazz, play tennis, cook, create...

Please visit his website at www.magnottametalart.com.

Approximate dimensions:

9' high, 4’ wide

350 pounds


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