Attention Media Professionals

Experience Art Rapids!, a 15-day juried art showcase offering $6000 in juried prizes and a People’s Choice Award, will be held held in the Grand Traverse Bayshore village of Elk Rapids, June 10th through June 24th.

Key Messaging 2017 - Experience Art Rapids!

“Experience Art.  Experience Elk Rapids. EXPERIENCE ART RAPIDS!

An art showcase of creativity on the Bay.

Art Rapids! was founded in 2006 by arts-minded residents to organize a juried art fair

Volunteer organization and board is now adding to their decade of accomplishments with the introduction of “Experience Art Rapids!”

$6,000 In Cash Awards Marks Debut Of Experience Art Rapids!

ELK RAPIDS, MI – Experience Art Rapids,  a 15-day juried art show with $6,000 in cash awards, gets underway Saturday, June 10,t in this Grand Traverse Bayside community.

Over 270 artists from throughout the Midwest will be showing their work in scattered site venues across the historic village.