a HERE: SAY Storytelling event

7PM Wednesday, August 14TH

There is art in telling a good story—building the story, knowing what to say, holding the audience’s attention, knowing when you’ve said enough. That art has been the forefront of HERE:SAY Storytelling in Traverse City since 2013 when founder Karen Stein developed a monthly platform for people from the community to tell their often extraordinary stories. 

Art Rapids is proud to partner with HERE:SAY Storytelling for an artful night of “Showtime!” on Wednesday, August 14th at 7pm in HERTH Hall, Elk Rapids. A lineup of scheduled local performers will tell stories about moments in their lives when it was time to play the music, light the lights, and raise the curtain, and get things started. 

Live storytelling is not just about telling what happened but giving the audience a glimpse into a moment—good or bad, funny or serious, heartening or heartbreaking—in the teller’s life. The art of storytelling is not only in how an experience is told, but how that telling affects the audience. 

Art Rapids strives to promote artful experiences in our community that include art education, fine art fairs, cinema and more. Join us as we welcome the art and experience that HERE:SAY Storytelling provides. 

 “Showtime!” is a free event, but donations to Art Rapids and HERE:SAY are greatly appreciated. A cash bar is available at HERTH Hall. 

HERTH Hall is located at 401 River St, Elk Rapids, MI

Showtime artwork draft 2.jpg

Support the courageous members of our community that are willing to stand up and tell their stories for our amusement and amazement.