Shanna Robinson earned both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Textiles from Eastern Michigan University. She has been making art from whatever material expresses her purpose for more than 30 years. Working in textiles, ceramics, sculpture and printmaking, she creates a varied body of work connected by a love of the natural world. Robinson is Professor of Art at North Central Michigan College, where she teaches art history, textiles and design.


Leon Nash received his BFA degree in sculpture at Northern Michigan University and his MFA degree in metals/jewelry at Arizona State University. He has been making 3 dimensional art for the last 15 years. Primarily, Leon uses ferrous and non-ferrous materials, but will use anything that best fits the needs of his concepts. Other materials may include: found objects, wood, plastic or glass. In some of his latest work, his visual concepts are driven from the language of way finding, which he uses as a metaphor for individuals who are in a transient stage in their lives. Naturally, because of this inspiration, arrows are a common theme throughout his work. Leon is an adjunct professor of art at North Central Michigan College. 


Jan Schilling is a watercolor and oil painter living in Alden, Michigan. She is a graduate of Central Michigan University as an art major and holds a Master of Art from West Virginia University.  Jan has been painting for over 40 years, and spent much of her career as an art teacher in Pennsylvania.  Along with teaching she has participated in hundreds of art shows through out the eastern United States. She has returned to her Michigan roots, where she currently owns a small art gallery in Alden. Her original work is inspired by the beauty of the north, and her compositions begin with large sweeping washes, followed by layers of loose color to capture the emotion of the image rather than the actual view.  “Art has its own language.  We have the opportunity to say so much about our view of the world.”