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2018 - 2019 DONORS:


All Season Tax & Accounting Services

Julia Pollister Amos

Terri and Gordon Armstrong

Sharon Bacon

Lynn and Chuck Bauer

Linda Blair

Susan Bloye

Peggy Bushnell

Mrs. and Mr. Thomas Calkins

Mary Jane and Gary Chenoweth

Susan and Michael Chesney

Connie and Dick Claar

Mrs. and Mr. Nick Colucci

Community Foundation

Sandy and Dean Coobac

Lisa Cooley

Paula and Bill Cordes

Tawny Cox

Sandy and Doug Cron

Sherri and Graydon DeCamp

Lois Eaton

Kris and Phil Elbert

Elk Rapids Skin and Laser Clinic

Mrs. and Mr. Mack Endo

Donna and Jack Fahlen

Elizabeth Garner

Elaine and Donald Glowicki

Carol and Jim Goetz

Inez and Tom Gotts

Beth and Wayne Guntzviller

Dolores and Wally Hibbard

Hildreth Foundation

Gail and Bart Ingraham

Mrs. and Mr. Bernie Johnson

Dianne Fisher Kilcherman

Karen and Bob Kingon

James Lagowski

Becky Lancaster

Misaeng Suh and Zac Liggett

Christie Lozen-Looney and Chris Looney

Jane Lund

Deborah Magennis

Doris Masserang

Carolyn and Tom McAnallen

Kelly McRay

Nancy and Gary McRay

Donna and David Miller

Joyce Mims

Barbara Hastings and David Moyer

Mrs. and Dr. Charles E. Mueller

Nancy Muhlig

Lynda and Nels Nichols

Vickie Palmer

Ruth and Elmer Peterman

Marge and Ken Philip

Susan and Richard Pixley

Kathy and John Polanski

Cynthia Price

Kathy and David Ripmaster

Jackie Roberts

Maureen and Theodore Robinson

Nancy and Lou Sanford

Jan Schilling

June Schwartz

Doris and Lee Scott

Scott Nelles Studios

Deanna and George Seifried

Rita Service

Nina and David Sgriccia

Jill and Bob Spencer

Standhardt Design, Inc.

Mrs. and Mr. Robert Streit

Mrs. and Mr. Les Teague

The Edward & Elyse Rogers Foundation

Sally and Sandy Thomson

Meredith Krell and Steve Toornman

Jacky Trimble

Barbara VanPelt and Dave Varga

Bobbi and Bob Vitito

Sue Ann and Bob VorBroker

Wandawood Resort

Margaret and Bill White

Babs Young