Applications welcome from community groups, teachers, schools, parent groups and student groups.

Application Deadline: November 15

Art Rapids! has supported the arts in the Elk Rapids area since its inception in 2006. The Arts Grant Program provides funds to promote and enhance the arts in the region. Community groups, teachers, schools, parent groups and student groups are encouraged to apply for these funds.

Arts-Related Grants

Through a number of grants awarded each year, Art Rapids! supports quality art programming and education in a variety of art disciplines such as drama, music, dance, creative writing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, and others. The amount available for grants varies from year to year. In the 2016-17 academic year, approximately $6,000 was available. Grant applications are reviewed once yearly by the Art Rapids Education Committee (see “Deadlines” section). Each application is evaluated on its merit and best use of funds. 

Notification and Fund Distribution

A notification letter will be sent to all applicants within 30 days of the deadline. Any changes in the project after funding must be addressed to the education committee.

The grant funds are distributed following the program or after the purchase has been made. All grantees must complete the form entitled “Final Report” and turn it in with the "Request for Funds Form". Photographs and videos of events or projects are appreciated for sharing with donors who support the grant program. Non-compliance with the terms of this grant will render grantee ineligible for future Art Rapids! grants.

Winners of Arts Grants are required to submit two forms:


Deadline for Grant Applications are November 15. All applications should be sent to Art Rapids!, P.O. Box 301, Elk Rapids MI 49629 Attention: Education Committee.

Payment Process

All payments for grants will be paid directly to the provider, company or school and not to the applicant. It will be the grantee's responsibility to send Art Rapids! a copy of the contract, a purchase request or a letter of commitment from the performer, the artist or the vendor attached to the form entitled Request for Approved Funds. All requests for funds must be submitted no later than one month after the event has taken place. Funds must be used within the 2018-2019 grant year.


Contact Art Rapids! Education committee chair, Nancy McRay, at