Featuring 16 works of art in 2014

In cooperation with Antrim County, Art Rapids! has created a “Walk of Art” outdoor sculpture exhibit in the county’s Elk Rapids Day Park on South Bayshore Drive.  When completed, the Walk of Art will have as many as 30 sculptures.

The concept is an extension of the organization’s mission to enhance and promote the arts in the Elk Rapids area. The Elk Rapids Day Park is a beautiful park with a quarter mile of beach frontage along East Grand Traverse Bay. Enhancing it in this way will provide another way to enjoy art and nature, make more people aware of this lovely park, and attract more visitors to the community.

Sculptures selected by a jury will be placed on display for one to three years. A three-year maximum is intended to keep the exhibits new and interesting.  Most of the sculptures are available for purchase.

The park opened in May, 2013 with six selected sculptures:

Sail Form II by Robert Purvis 

Seagull Mound by Patricia Innis 

Off Balance by Jeff Whyman 

Singing Pail of Dreams by John Goss 

Hardwoods by Sam Soet 

The Dancers by Bart Ingraham

And in 2014, Art Rapids! is pleased to add ten additional works of art:

36 30’ by Molly Dilworth

Aspen Walker and Drifter by Sam Soet

Enlighten by Margot McMahon

Golden Canopy by Dace Koenigsknecht

The Lotus by Bart Ingraham

Seedpod 10 by David Greenwood

Seek Alternate Route by David Petrakovitz

Sentinel by Ray Katz

Sun Over the Red Sea by Dave VandeVusse

Timekeeper by Maureen Gray

In addition, the entrance to the park is marked by a commissioned sign created by Art Brown. 

Art Rapids! also plans to develop programs for area schools to use the sculpture park for educational field trips, student art projects and installations, community-wide, interactive art projects and other educational activities.  Guided group tours are available at no charge - please contact us to schedule.

The Day Park comprises about 15 acres of forest, dune and beach. It has public rest rooms, a paved walk for handicap access from a 90-car parking lot, numerous foot trails and picnic sites with charcoal grills and tables. 

Art Rapids! recognizes that Elk Rapids is a very arts-minded town.  The Walk of Art project is an exciting way to bring another arts venue to the area.

In 2013, Art Rapids! received the prestigious “Keep Michigan Beautiful” award for the Walk of Art project.

The “Walk of Art” is funded by private gifts and  MCACA grants.  In December, 2013, Art Rapids! learned that it had been awarded a $3,750 Michigan state arts grant to defray costs involved in the “Walk of Art” sculpture exhibition.  The grant will support the continuation of the initial three-year plan for Walk of Art, including design and production of signage and marketing materials, and installation and landscaping of ten sculptures.

Scenes from Elk Rapids Day Park, home to the Walk of Art sculpture park: